Teach Together
About Us

About Us

We started Teach Together to help make the world a more loving and kind place, specifically by helping educators teach with the best research-based practices that are proven to significantly increase student outcomes. We also want to make teachers lives easier by curating the best, free, equity-minded, anti-racist open-source curriculum for all subjects.

– Sim Barhoum, Ed.D.
Sim Barhoum
About Professor Sim

Sim Barhoum, Ed.D. is a Professor at San Diego Mesa College & Professional Development Trainer at the Center for Organizational Responsibility and Advancement. He has taught online, hybrid, & traditional high school to graduate-level courses at UCSD, San Diego State, community college, & others. Dr. Barhoum also trains other higher education faculty and administrators on best teaching & leadership practices. Sim earned a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership with a specialization in Community College/Postsecondary Education from SDSU. His research focuses on equity, diversity, developmental, pathways, barriers to underserved students, active learning, relational, educational models, & best practices for all community college students. Find out more about trainings or speaking events.

You Can Help

We want to curate the best equity-driven, open-source, and free curriculum that includes LMS shells for higher education professors. You can help in one of the following ways:

  • Share the idea of Teach Together, our project, and this website with other educators.
  • Help us find exceptional professors that use equity-minded practices, include open-source materials, willingness to share their work, and have a proven track record of success with students once they leave their classroom (validated by data). Contact us for more details. 
  • Help with costs for this project. The administrative and time costs have been fairly extensive, and there is no outside funding. Please consider donating to Dr. Barhoum at Venmo or PayPal.
  • If you have any other ideas to help, like grant suggestions or other institutional funding, please contact us